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The 2018 National Abrasives Standards and Drafts Discussion Seminar Held in Zhengzhou
The National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee's 2018 Standard Draft Discussion Meeting was held in Zhengzhou from July 26th to 28th.
 This meeting was held in accordance with the 2018 work plan of the Standards Committee, in order to ensure the quality and level of drafting standards, and to complete the 2018 standard development and revision tasks on time. Drafting of 12 national standard projects such as "Detection and Marking of Abrasive Particle Size Composition for Consolidated Abrasives, Part 2: Micronized Powder" and "Super Hard Abrasive Hydrostatic Synthesis of Large Single Crystal Diamonds for Industrial Use".  A group of people or representatives, more than 30 people attended the meeting.

At the seminar, Bao Hua, the secretary-general of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Abrasives, first carried out the work arrangement. Secretary-General Bao Hua, while thanking of the participating units and personnel for participating in the standard revision project enthusiastically, explained the purpose and importance of the meeting, and put forward requirements for the quality of the work of the standards drafting working groups.

Then, according to the overall work arrangement of the meeting, the participants were divided into three discussion groups according to the specialty of the standard plan project: ordinary abrasives, super-hard abrasives and products, and silicon carbide special products. Each discussion group was responsible for the draft standard project ( Or working group discussion draft) and related materials for intensive discussion, deliberation and modification.
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