Diamond Lapping Paste

Description :Diamond paste is strictly selected high-quality diamond powder as raw materials, high hardness, uniform particle size with high grinding force, superfine surface finish and uniform abrasive
Diamond lapping paste is divided into water-soluble paste and oil-soluble paste. For raw materials, it is also divided into polycrystalline diamond paste and monocrystalline diamond paste.

Application :Suitable for the grinding and polishing of metals, tungsten carbide, mold, alloys, glass, ceramics, semiconductors, jade, and other hard materials.

Available sizes :0-0.5 to 40-60

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  • Water-soluble diamond lapping compound :
    *Good wettability
    *Low viscosity, easy to cut
    *Low grinding heat
    *High processing efficiency
    *It is mainly used for precision Engineering and Electronic; also suitable for the preparation of tools and dies that will be subsequently electroplated or chemically or physically coated.
  • Oil-soluble diamond lapping compound :
    *Oil-based carrier with superior lubricant qualities to improve the surface finish
    *Stable to 200°C, allowing work on un-cooled molds
    *Easy removal, high processing efficiency
    *It is suitable for circuit boards, glass & ceramics, gemstones, agate slightly corrosive metals.
  • Water and Oil Soluble Dual-Use Type :Excellent lubricity, fast cooling speed, no pollution, and no corrosion.
  • Polycrystalline Diamond Paste :
    *Ceramics polishing
    *Sapphire polishing
    *Hard metals polishing...

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