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According to customer requirements, we have established different quality standard systems, and set up file tracking to achieve the requirements of "zero quality defects" for products that customers want, and we can produce non-standard products according to customer requirements.

TI(Toughness Index)

The toughness stability of abrasive diamond powder is critical for tools in application. It influences the working efficiency and service life directly. Boreas company persists in consistent quality through toughness testing, to keep the toughness of each batch in a narrow range.
Testing method: Taking some samples to make impact testing, then sieve them, calculate the percentage which remains the original particle, that’s the TI value.

TTi(Thermal Toughness Index):
TTi is the index of heat resistance for superabrasives. The thermal stability of diamond grits is of particular importance in processing since it directly influences on the processing quality, tools life, production efficiency and cost. 
Testing method: Putting the samples into the high-temperature sintering furnace by heating in 1100℃ for 10 minutes, then let the samples to do the TI testing, the percentage value is TTI value.

Particle Size Distribution (PSD) Testing

As the high-precision material, diamond micro powder will have better performance on the surface finishing quality of work piece if the size distribution can be kept in a narrower range. The theory of the testing is scattering phenomenon, the particle distribution can be calculated by the scattered light to the micro powder.

Testing method: Putting the samples into the testing machine, the analysis software will show the size distribution results.

Magnetism Test

The magnetism of synthetic diamond powder is determined by its internal impurity. The less the impurity has, the lower the magnetism, the higher the toughness, the better the particle shape and thermal stability.

Testing method: Putting the abrasives into the test container, the screen of the testing machine will show the magnetism value.

Particle Shape Analyzer

This analyzer can provide detailed information about the shape of individual particles, including parameters such as aspect ratio, roundness, and angularity.

Testing method: Putting the samples under the microscope to analyze the particle size and shape by digital camera and digital image processing technique.

SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

SEM microscopes are used to examine diamond powder closely. They help determine the size, shape, and surface features of the particles, ensuring they meet quality standards for different uses.

Diamond Shape Sorting

Using a shape sorting machine, Boreas sorts diamond particles into categories like cubic, octahedral, and irregular shapes, ensuring uniform shapes that enhance product quality, efficiency, and tool life in industrial applications.

Electroformed Test Sieves

Electroformed test sieves are used to sort and classify diamond powder particles by size. These sieves are made with precise openings, ensuring accurate particle size analysis for quality control in diamond powder production.

The size testing is used by electroformed sieves. Boreas company has strict enterprise standards to ensure the consistency of particle size distribution by controlling it into a narrow range.