Diamond Lapping Slurry

Characteristics :Good dispersity, concentrated nano/micron diamond particle size distribution, water and oil soluble two types.

Main Applications: :
1. For lapping, polishing Sapphire.
2. Optical glass, lens lapping and polishing.
3. Other hard materials' lapping and polishing.

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  • Introduction of diamond grinding paste :Diamond grinding paste is a kind of surface finishing. The grinding effect of grinding paste is used to improve the surface roughness of workpiece. Diamond grinding paste is used to grind hard and brittle materials to obtain high surface finish.
  • Attentions in using diamond grinding paste :
    1、Mainly used in sapphire, optical glass, optical lens and other fields.
    2、After being melted, it was applied to the part to be ground !
    3、Grinding wool wheel directly with hand mill !
  • Main Application of Diamond Grinding Paste :Tungsten steel mold, optical mold, injection mold grinding polishing ; grinding and polishing in the process of metallographic analysis experiment ; jewelry, jade crafts grinding polishing ; grinding and polishing of optical lenses, hard glass and crystal, superhard ceramics and alloys.

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