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Diamond & CBN Flap Discs

A diamond & CBN flap disc is a tool used for grinding and polishing surfaces. It has a central hub with flaps covered in diamond abrasive material. This tool is often used with angle grinders to remove material and achieve a smooth finish on hard surfaces like stone and concrete. The diamond coating makes the disc very durable and long-lasting compared to other types of discs.

Feature: Diamond flap discs offer high cutting speeds, extended working life, and versatility for both dry and wet grinding applications.

Size: Φ100*16mm, Φ115*22.5mm, Φ125*22.5mm

Available Grit: 40# to 800#


    ● Utilizes aluminum or fiberglass backing, securely bonded with diamond or CBN abrasive cloth.
    ● Easily installed on angle grinding machines.
    ● Offers cost-effective pricing.
    ● Features a flexible diamond design suitable for both dry and wet grinding.
    ● Provides high cutting speeds, long working life, ease of use, and comfortable, vibration-free operation. Delivers a smooth, chip-free finish.
    ● Flap discs are made of overlapping abrasive-coated flaps that are attached to a central hub. As the disc is used, the flaps wear away, exposing a fresh layer of abrasive mineral. This ensures a consistent cut rate and finish throughout the disc's lifespan.
    ● The gaps between the coated abrasive flaps make flap discs more conformable than other grinding discs and wheels. This feature makes them ideal for grinding and blending on curved and contoured surfaces.


    Diamond flap discs are widely used for processing stone, glass, ceramics, monocrystalline silicon, cemented carbide, spraying, etc.
    CBN flap discs are widely used for processing titanium alloys, high temperature alloys, stainless steel, etc.

    Coarse Grit

    For rough grinding and shaping.

    Medium Grit

    For semi rough grinding.

    Fine Grit

    For smooth grinding.

    Available Specifications

    Disc PCS /Diameter




    62Pcs Dia




    Diamond & CBN Flap Discso2h

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